How often are these stats updated?

The latest matches are pulled every three hours and are added to the stats at the same time.

Where does this data come from?

Data is generously provided by Voobly. They administer the competitive AoE II scene and the ranked ladders.

What ELO are the matches?

Match data comes from ALL matches on Voobly, regardless of ELO. You can filter that dataset by ELO by selecting an ELO bracket in the top right. The default is to view all of the data combined. Note that when filtering by ELO some things (specifically civ win rate vs other civs on the civ detail page) do not contain a lot of data and may not be representative of the actual meta.

How did you build this?

A combination of beer, programming, and lots of free time.

Can I donate to you?

I would love that! Unfortunately there is no way to support this website and all expenses are out of my own pocket, at the moment. Feel free to contact me if you wish to be insistent. Check back at a later date for a donation link.

This data doesn't seem right...

Oh no! If the data seems inaccurate, please contact me and provide a link to the page with bad data.

Hey, I have a different question!

Sorry that your question isn't on here. Please contact me with your question so that I can answer it and potentially add it to this FAQ.

Is the code for this available?

Unfortunately the code is currently private. I may or may not release the codebase in the future if there is enough interest. I will promise this, if I ever stop maintaining this website I will make the code open source for sure.

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