Q: Where do these stats come from?

These stats are derived from the developer APIs provided by aoe2.net. I would highly suggest checking out that website and supporting it! It is an awesome source of data! None of this would be possible without it.

Q: How frequently are these stats updated?

Due to the way the new apis work, these stats will updated daily.

Stats last updated: 06/02/2021 at 14:36 UTC

Q: How can I support you?

Awwwww thanks! 😊 You can support me by buying me a "coffee"! Any donations will go strictly toward hosting costs. Right now I'm paying ~$20 a month to maintain this website and update stats.

Q: Why do some stats look funky for 1650+?

1650+ has a very limited number of games played. Thus the stats may look funky, especially when comparing win rate of one civ vs another. Short answer, not enough games! But I still wanted that bracket to look at high level stats.

Q: Where should I report bugs?

Please report any bugs by creating an issue on this GitHub Repo.

Q: What are the small percentage numbers everywhere?

Those values indicate how much a certain value has changed since the last patch. These indicate the percentage change of the value since that last patch. A 1% change of a 50% win rate does not mean the value went from 50% win rate to 51% win rate. It means it went from 50% to 50.5%.

Q: What happened to the Voobly stats?

Don't worry! The Voobly stats are still around! I'm still working on the best way for those stats to live in harmony with DE stats.

Q: How can I access the raw dataset?

You can download raw data in csv formathere.

Q: What has changed on the site recently?

Check out my changelog page to view a list of notable changes and when the occurred.

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