Q: Where do these stats come from?

These stats are derived from the developer APIs provided by aoe2.net. I would highly suggest checking out that website and supporting it! It is an awesome source of data! None of this would be possible without it.

Q: How frequently are these stats updated?

Due to the way the new apis work, these stats will updated daily.

Stats last updated: 27/10/2021 at 00:36 UTC

Q: How can I support you?

Awwwww thanks! 😊 You can support me by buying me a "coffee"! Any donations will go strictly toward hosting costs. Right now I'm paying ~$20 a month to maintain this website and update stats.

Q: Why do some stats look funky for 1650+?

1650+ has a very limited number of games played. Thus the stats may look funky, especially when comparing win rate of one civ vs another. Short answer, not enough games! But I still wanted that bracket to look at high level stats.

Q: Where should I report bugs?

Please report any bugs by creating an issue on this GitHub Repo.

Q: What are the small numbers everywhere?

Those indicate positional change of a civilization's win rate compared to the last patch. For example, if Franks used to have the highest win rate, but now have the second highest win rate you will see a down arrow with a 1 next to it. This indicates that it moved one position down in the "rankings".

Q: How can I access the raw dataset?

You can download raw data in csv format here.

Q: What has changed on the site recently?

Check out my changelog page to view a list of notable changes and when they occurred.

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